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Ping Pong Top

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-Deck Color: Green.


-Deck Material / Thickness: MDF-3/4 Inch.


-Graphics: White on Deck/Black on framing – Screened.


-Net: Clip on net included / Unit dimensions: 107.9″L x 60″W x 29.9″H / Folded dimensions: 36″L x 60″W x 63″H.


-Set-up Style: Roll Away (TOP)


-But remember, the idea is to HAVE FUN, so if you’ve only got a restricted space available but you still want to play, you just have to install it on a flat surface or on your pool table.





– Hard Rock Maple Play Field w/ Polymer Finish

– True Butcher Block Play Field

– 3″ Thick x 20″ Wide Play Field

– Solid Wood Cabinet and Legs

– Carpeted Walls & Gutters with EVA foam

– Climatic Adjusters

– 1-2-3 Scoring

– Abacus Scoring

– Set of 8 “Burnt Bronze” Pucks (4 Red & 4 Blue).

– Can of wax/powder

– Cleaning Brush